Ecommerce solutions are requisite for facilitating sale of products and services through the online medium. A critical part of the overall ecommerce solutions is integration of payment gateway. It is an information loop, which connects the buyer, seller and payment agency, i.e. the bank. Trained developers at Cyberlet Technologies can provide online shopping sites that are integrated with popular payment gateways.

At Cyberlet Technologies, we understand that having a secure online transaction is essential for the success and reputation of a company. A safe payment gateway integration that provides a number of options to the buyers is a must for online sellers. A Secured Socket layer encryption sends confidential information of the customers’ bank account and credit cards to make the transaction safe.

We offer brilliant payment gateway integrations in reference to direct online payments through

  1. Banks’ Portals,
  2. Credit Card Purchases
  3. Money Transfers.

The information of the transaction is stored with the seller and he/she can refer to it for further transactions with the customer.

We, at Cyberlet Technologies test the payment gateway integration through real time transactions and a virtual terminal is provided for easy access of the payment options. The benefit of reaching us is that our expert developers have the experience of dealing with various gateways and can thus easily suggest you the most suitable option for your e-business. Online retailers and merchants can avail of the best online point of sale by getting professional developers to do the integration.

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